11 October 2013

5 of the Sexiest Concept Cars That Never Made it to Production

Concept cars always make interesting news in the car industry. Whether it’s something completely crazy from an independent designer, or a major development from a mainstream manufacturer we’re usually hooked. However for every concept car that makes it to production there are many more that never leave the lab. This post will look at some of the sexiest concept cars that didn’t quite make it to market.

#1 Citroen GT

Image Source: Adam Russell / Flickr - Licensed for reuse under Creative Commons 2.0
This concept car was originally birthed from the much loved Gran Turismo racing games. This game series is famous for its finely tuned physics engines and realistic gameplay. The Citroen GT concept car was popular in its virtual form and no doubt would have been a hit on the roads as well.

The reason we love this car so much is that it sets itself apart from similar sporting road cars. The low positioning, wide open vented front, curves that are somehow also sharp and the high wheel arch integration all combine to make something of real beauty.

#2 Mercedes C111

Image Source: Bergfalke2 / Wiki - Licensed for reuse under Creative Commons 2.0
This concept vehicle developed by Mercedes over the 60s and 70s was a real stunner that almost made it past the last hurdle. Featuring gull wing doors and a sleek front bonnet indent this car looked futuristic both then and now.

Not only did the C111 look fast it would have went fast too; with the final unit outputting 400 BHP. The fibreglass bodywork was sleek and was minimalist by hugging itself to the structure. Mercedes later introduced the C112 concept car in 1991 but again it never made it all the way.

#3 Maserati Birdcage 75th

Image Source: Thomas doerfer / Wiki - Licensed for reuse under Creative Commons 2.0
Keeping true to the Maserati reputation the birdcage 75th was slender, fierce and super charged to the max. This road car barely rose off the ground and was more sports based than being for practical road use.

The birdcage 75th held an estimated 700 BHP coming from the V12 engine which also features in the Maserati MC12 sports racer. This car was an evolved model of the original Birdcage which was a successful model for the company back in the early 60s.

#4 Chevrolet Corvette Four-Rotor

Image Source: Public Domain / Wikimedia Commons 
This was another ambitious design coming out of the 70s that sadly never made it to the consumer market. It utilised the unconventional Wankel engine which used its rotary design to convert pressure from combustion into a rotating motion.

This vehicle brought something a little different to what other American producers were pushing at the time. With a sharp bullet like front and neatly tapered lines it took a step in a different direction when compared to the safer cars that other manufacturers were planning/producing.

#5 BMW M1 Hommage

Image Source: Zanitycomau / Wiki - Licensed for reuse under Creative Commons 2.0
As the name suggests the M1 Hommage paid tribute to the original M1 supercar which was a roaring success for the company. The original M1 focused on a lightweight and minimalist design. Whereas the M1 Hommage had a much more muscular and heavyweight build.

Unusually the thing that catches the eye for this vehicle is not the body but the wheel design. Conically inwards with various holes and grooves these are really something to be seen. There are still rumours this might make it to market one day; but for now it remains a concept.

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