9 April 2014

Top Tips for Removing Stubborn Stains From Your Car Windscreen

Keeping your windscreen clean is absolutely essential if you're to stay safe on the roads. It should go without saying that unless your vision is clear, your safety when driving is likely to be drastically compromised - and this could have very dangerous implications both for yourself and other road users.

This is why you need to ensure that where stains do appear on your windscreen, you clean them off properly as soon as possible. It's important to remember that these stains are likely to appear pretty frequently through your life as a motorist. That's why you need to be prepared for them and to know what to do when they do occur.

Removing Stubborn Dirt From Your Windscreen

Image Source: Nathanael Boehm / Flickr - Licensed for reuse under Creative Commons 2.0

If you see a spot of dirt appear on your windscreen, it should be fairly simple to remove. Of course, it's important to ensure that you deal with these stains as soon as possible, otherwise they may become more entrenched and thereby more difficult to remove.

All you have to do is add baking soda to a damp rag, and then apply it to your windscreen. You should find that this soon starts to loosen up and remove the dirt. Once you've done that, you should then rinse the windscreen with clean water and then dry it with a towel or soft cloth.

Removing Water Stains From Your Windscreen

Image Source: Pulpolux / Flickr - Licensed for reuse under Creative Commons 2.0
Water stains are also a common problem for many motorists. Again, you should find that removing them is relatively simple - but as with dirt, you need to act quickly for best results.

Start by applying a few drops of vinegar to the stained areas of your windscreen, and then leave it for a few minutes. Don't go overboard with the vinegar; you really shouldn't need to apply more than a modest amount. Then, take a leather chamois and soak it in distilled water. When it's properly soaked, use it to wipe the stained areas where you applied vinegar. Within just a few minutes, you should start to see a noticeable improvement in the appearance of the glass.

After you've done that, re-examine the windscreen and see just how the water stains are looking. Check to see whether there are any remaining stains that you missed the first time around. If there are, apply vinegar and start the whole process again. Wipe the stained areas with the chamois and leave it for a few minutes, before checking the windscreen again.

Then, spray a windscreen cleaner on to the surface of the glass and use either your chamois or a clean sponge to work it around the pane. Use distilled water to remove any excess solution and any other remaining dirt or stains. You can then use wrinkled-up newspaper to wipe the glass in a circular motion. This should help to absorb any excess water and lift off any remaining mineral deposits.

Make a solution containing one part isopropyl alcohol and two parts distilled water. Soak the chamois in the solution and then lay the cloth over the windscreen - you may need to use more than one cloth for optimum coverage. Leave the cloths in place for ten minutes or so, and then check back to see whether there are any remaining stains. If there are, try adding a modest amount of neat isopropyl alcohol.

Hopefully these easy to follow top tips will help you get your windscreen looking good as new, and more importantly - should allow you a much clearer and safer view through your car windscreen.

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  1. Fantastic article! Cleaning windscreen is very important. Clear vision could save your life. All dirt and insects on your widescreen could cause a lot of troubles. You know that staying safe on the road is the most important thing. Thank you for your cleaning tips! Best regards!


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