How To Soup Up Your Car And Make It Cool

A souped up car is a car fitted with high performance parts to improve the overall performance of the vehicle.  Modifying cars is a huge pastime for many people all over the world.

You can find these cars all over the roads, often revving their engines at a stoplight, and leaving everyone in a cloud of dust as soon as the light turns green.  So how does one go about souping up a car?

Improving Performance

  1. Change the air filter regularly, and use a high flow filter to increase power.
  2. Add a spoiler and reduce the weight to increase speed.
  3. Shorten the gear stick.  For cars that come with longer sticks, you can actually cut it in half and put a new bulb onto it.  You will notice the difference when driving it hard.
  4. Put a new exhaust system into the car.  A new exhaust system improves the looks and sound signature, but also increases the horsepower.
  5. Install performance cylinder heads.  Most cars only have one intake valve and one exhaust valve.  Get cylinder heads with four valves per cylinder head to get maximum performance from the engine.
  6. Install a new chip.  A new chip will fine-tune the electrical systems to maximize the power of the vehicle.  Make sure to adjust the settings for maximum power, though this may have to be done by a professional.  Not very many people know how to adjust the chip.

Change the Looks

  1. Get a custom paint job and custom build the interior of the car.  The paint will make the car uniquely yours, and it will complete the conversion.
  2. A car emblem is simple, yet able to provide a visual stimulant to any ride.  From wildlife to college, the options are endless here.
  3. Add tinted windows and neon lights.  With the neon lights, often less is more, but they can really add to the overall look.
  4. Change your headlights to halogen headlights, or get blue bulbs to make it look like you changed the headlights if you are on a strict budget.
  5. Install a high performance stereo and blow the doors off the neighbor’s house every time you pull into the driveway.
  6. Put in a smaller steering wheel like you see in racecars.  A smaller steering wheel gives the car a sleek, ergonomic look, but it also makes it easier to steer.
  7. You can lower or raise the frame.  For racing, lower it a bit, and get it closer to the ground.  If you are just looking to change the look of the car, raise it up a bit.
  8. Install an electronic horn.  These horns can play full songs or make cool noises.  Consider them a ringtone for your souped up vehicle.
  9. Add some nice rims or mags to add a bit of spice to the wheels.  Hubcaps are nice, but nice rims or nice mags are less likely to get stolen, and add more to the overall look to the car.
Whether you do all of these things or just a few of them, making these changes to your car will give you a ride to be proud of.  Have fun and be creative!

Contributed by: AMG Auto Emblems.

Image Source: Bula Photography / Flickr - Licensed for reuse under Creative Commons 2.0
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  1. I don't have a chip. I have a 1981 Mercury Zephyr that I want to have more power and better acceleration. Suggestions?


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