5 of the Best Car Animated GIFs

Animated GIFs are everywhere on the internet (thanks Tumblr!). I've seen so many over the years that I've decided to create a list of my favourite car related animated GIF's to share with the readers of Motor Heads. Check them out below and let me know which one you like best by leaving me a comment!

#5 Mercedes AMG SLS Slo-Mo Drift

I love Mercedes AMG. So my number 5 in this list is an animated GIF of a Mercedes SLS drifting round a corner in slow motion. Appreciate the real beauty of this stylish and powerful beast. Yum.

#4 Mind the Bear

Imagine being out for a peaceful drive along a country road when a brown grizzly bear appears in front of your bonnet. This driver didnt have much time to react. Despite the way it turns somersaults, the bear seemed to be OK!

#3 Pimp My Van

Weve touched on van modifications before. Mercedes Sprinter vans can be customised into an executive office on wheels. Taking travelling with style to a whole new level. This GIF demonstrates a handful of these stunning customisation jobs.

#2 Who needs Petrol Anyway?

This dude shows us how to beat the extortionately high cost of running a car nowadays. Mileage may vary.

#1 UK Police Car Flip

Watch this UK police car do an insane flip! Its in 3 parts so ive added them in order. Extra points if you can name the film.

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