The Rise and Rise of the Crossover

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If you look on the roads these days and particularly in traffic you will no doubt spot a crossover. They have become increasingly popular lately with their sturdy yet sporty looks. It is the tool of choice these days for the school run mum or just people who just want to bridge the gap between the 4x4 and a hatchback. Some people call them faux by fours due to their imagine of looking like 4x4’s but in reality they aren’t.

The first use of the word crossover was in 1977 with the Matra Rancho designed to try and capitalise on the emergence of the Range Rover. Eventually the Rancho became the Renault Espace but the crossover ball was now rolling.

Crossover vs SUV

Out on the road the crossover has been around for a while, but in my opinion they have never been as popular as they are now. SUV's used to be the car of choice for larger families or people after a bit more than a hatchback. SUV which is short for sport utility vehicle are generally more rugged rides as their base is that of a truck but in a lot of cases there wasn't much more of a choice and it was accepted. A major drawback of an SUV was its general poor economy.

Crossovers, however, are based on a car foundation and as such are a far more comfortable ride - which is something a family car would need, really. The crossovers economy and emissions are also vastly superior to the SUV - giving it two major points over its competitor: Comfort and economy.
With this in mind it is clear why the crossover is so popular - space, looks, economy and comfort all rolled into one. Oh, and crossovers are cheaper to buy.

Quite popular with women as well with a large majority of the most popular cars bought in America were crossovers (taken from Forbes); there's no doubt that the crossover has taken the automotive industry by storm. With this in mind, let's take a look at small selection of popular crossovers in the UK, and I bet when you've read this you will notice just how many of them there are!

Nissan Juke

Image Source: Xcrave / Flickr - Licensed for reuse under Creative Commons 2.0

The Juke is definitely one of the most popular ones - with its stylish looks and stylish price this crossover has really taken over our roads. Launched in 2010 and arguably the one that started it all (In the UK anyway) and has been a massive success. Nissan also offer the Qashqai which is popular as well.

Ford Kuga

Image Source: Ford in Europe / Flickr - Licensed for reuse under Creative Commons 2.0

There wouldn't be a car party without Ford chipping in with theirs. It looks like a big Ford Focus and drives like a Focus, so there's no surprise it's been a hit.

Mazda CX-5

Image Source: smjbk /Flickr - Licensed for reuse under Creative Commons 2.0

Maybe not the most popular but one of the best (THE best as chosen by Auto Express) crossovers out there. Good economy for its size at 61 mpg and low emissions mean it's one of the cheapest to run. Backed with stylish good looks and plenty of space, you can see why it was crowned #1.

So, what's next for the crossover?

As with any type of car or brand the crossover moves on aesthetically with the time. Sometimes they got modelled on the other variants by a manufacturer - just look at a Clio and then a Captur and you will see what I mean. However, there's more you can do with a crossover as there is more there to be modified - a quick search comes up with this Mazda Concept. Interesting times ahead.
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