Celebrities' First Cars - How to Be Humble About It

It’s easy to assume that most celebrity car enthusiasts have been born with a silver spoon in their mouth and have been driving Lamborghinis from an early age. Well, that isn’t always the truth. As you’ll see from this list, many of them have started with a simple car and then worked their way up.

Wayne Rooney – Ford Ka 

Image source: Chinmay22 / Flickr
If driving a car whose numberplate is worth more than the car itself is considered an achievement, then Wayne Rooney certainly overachieved with his first car. While being just a young kid playing for Everton, he was given a Ford Ka with a personalised number plate R00 NI. And stop saying that the Ka is a girly car. In navy blue it looks almost masculine.

Prince William – Volkswagen Golf GTI 

Image source: Randy93 / Wiki

Prince William got a Volkswagen Golf GTI IV for his 17th birthday from his father who believed that a young lad shouldn’t be spoilt by having access to a luxury car so early on. Looks like the memories of his first car have proven strong, hence Prince William bought a similar car for his own son. Only by the time our little Prince George gets his driving licence, we’ll probably have the Golf Generation 28th or thereabouts, and his 7th generation Golf will look "so last year!" One should conclude that Grandpa Charles has made a much more farsighted gifting decision buying his grandson an Aston Martin Vanquish Volante. They say Astons never grow old.

Daniel Radcliffe – Fiat Grande Punto

Image source: RL GNZLZ / Flickr

By the time the Harry Potter star reached the age of 18 and finally got access to his £23 million bank account, he didn’t lose his head, didn’t get himself a pimped yellow Lambo. No, he bought a low-spec Fiat Grande Punto because he was concerned for the environment and his privacy. He didn’t even go for the magic stick (I mean the 6-speed manual sporty Punto). Looks like the young man is savvy with his finances. He’s made several clever investments in the property market and keeps a rather low-maintenance lifestyle.

Rupert Grint - 1974 Bedford Ice Cream Van

Rupert Grint’s father is a rally driver so you’d probably expect him to drive an EVO or something similar. Daniel’s co-star is a quirky character and when it came to the car choice, he went a bit bananas. Although reportedly he didn’t break his bank either. Rupert settled for a pink 1974 Bedford Ice Cream Van. The neighbouring kids hate the van because it’s just a show off – they allegedly call it VAiN Hopes (do you see what I did there?) Rupert is not the only celebrity whose first car was a van. Cameron Diaz, now an avid electric car supporter, started out with a Volkswagen Campervan.

Since buying the ice cream van, Mr Grint has broadened his collection of quirky cars. He also owns an orange Range Rover, a go-kart, a vintage Ford Anglia, a BMW Isetta and a modded Surfer Camper van. His only level-headed motoring purchase to date has been a black Mini Cooper which is currently his daily drive.

John Lennon – Ferrari 330GT 2+2 

Image source: Georg Sander / Flickr
Nothing humble about this first car. Unless your father is an oil baron, it’s very unusual for your first car to be a Ferrari. But then what’s usual about John Lennon anyway? He was a late starter when it came to cars. He was 24 and already a global megastar when he finally got his driving licence. And then in a true millionaire’s fashion he bought the best that money could buy in the mid 1960s – an azure blue 330GT.

The legend has it that the news about Lennon having passed the driving test spread fast and within hours the front of his London house was mobbed by luxury car dealers. He was unfazed by such intrusion and actually chose one of the cars that was offered to him.

Last year the car was sold via an auction for £360,000 – almost double its estimate.

Benedict Cumberbatch – Austin Mini

Image source: harrypope / Flickr
Benedict’s first car – a classic Austin Mini – was actually borrowed from his mum. Unfortunately, he totalled it when reversing over a large boulder. His first official car, one that he didn’t have to share with anyone, was a Mitsubishi Colt. And he’s not the only one whose motoring story has stemmed from owning a Mitsubishi.

Tom Cruise – Chrysler Colt

Image source: le jonez / Flickr

The star of Young Guns – now an avid car collector with a display of vintage motors that even Jay Leno would envy – started with a very humble set of wheels. It was a Dodge Colt. If it looks a bit vintage Manga to you, don’t let the American name confuse you – you’re right. This car is as Japanese as it can possibly be. It’s a re-badged import of the first generation Mitsubishi Galant. For its time it was supposed to be the pinnacle of car body design with Mitsubishi spending ridiculous amounts on the whole design process. They even made an effort to think of a name for the new design trend – Dynawedge.

Richard Hammond - Toyota Corolla Liftback

Image source: ilikewaffles11 / Flickr
The mouthy pocket dynamo has always been a true petrolhead – even when he couldn’t afford to buy a fast car. But it would’ve been unthinkable for him to settle for a conventional car either. That’s why he got himself a 1976 Toyota Corolla Liftback. The red car was then subjected to some DIY in the form of black Shelby-like stripes (made of masking tape), a Japanese flag to pay homage to the General Lee, and the modified front end to resemble a Ford Mustang.

Jeremy Clarkson – Ford Cortina 1600E 

Image source: John Shepherd / Flickr

Now Clarkson appears to be a bit of a Ford man, although he’s insisted that he’s only ever been interested in fast Fords. He’s owned several during the years and incidentally his first car was a Ford – a Cortina 1600E with just 88bhp under the bonnet (probably considered fast for its time). His most-loved car is a Ford too – a red Escort Cosworth, but not all his Ford experiences have been positive. After realising a childhood dream of owning a Ford GT he eventually returned the car back to the dealership due to constant failures.

Mila Kunis – Ford Explorer 

Image source:  Richard Elzey / Flickr
Some girls just love 4x4s. Mila Kunis had been raving about the bulky Ford Explorer since her early teens and she managed to persuade her parents to get her one when she was just 16. I admire the persuasion skills – it was no mean feat as her own career had just started and her parents were on low-salary jobs. Apparently Mila Kunis has remained loyal to 4x4s – she’s now upsized to a Range Rover.

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