Action, Cameras and Motorsports!

Over recent years, the number of sports men and women wearing action cameras has increased more than most could have ever imagined. We have seen everyone from Olympians, to celebrities, and of course regular people just like us strapping these little devices to heads, helmets, bonnets and handlebars.

One sport that often gets forgotten about when we think of action cameras, is of course Motorsport, how dare they! Using cameras in motorsports has got to be one of the more appealing sports to use these awesome devices in surely, hasn't it?

When you have one of these cameras strapped to your helmet or to the side of the car, spoiler, bumper and so on you get more of the feeling of what the driver is going through, better than any aerial shot or TV broadcast. Not only will it give you a better feel of the road, but you can share all of your videos with a wide array of people over the internet, show your latest laps around Donington to your friends on the big screen, and who knows if you are, to paraphrase Richard Hammond ‘A driving God’ you may even get offered the opportunity to race for a professional racing team, not bad, eh?

This technology has grown so much and offers potential of an unparalleled level that even some of the best known F1 teams have begun to use them on their cars! Check out the video below to see the DogCam Bullet HD2 camera in action with the Williams F1 Team, driven by the great Susie Wolff.

This camera wasn’t only strapped on to a Formula 1 car for some awesome video footage that could be shared around the world, but actually helped a company called DogCam Sport, an action camera specialist based in Cornwall, United Kingdom, develop a camera that is perfect for anyone in the Motorsport industry.

More details about the DogCam Bullet HD2 action camera can be found here -
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