Amazing Modification Ideas For A Citroën Berlingo Van

Let’s face it; the Citroën Berlingo van isn’t something you would expect petrolheads to change the look of! But there is a growing number of people that are doing just that. Do you own a Citroën Berlingo? If so, you might not have thought about modifying your van.

But in today’s blog post, I will give you a few examples of what other Berlingo owners have done! If you have got the modding bug, you need to continue reading to learn more about what you can do to your pride and joy!

Alloy wheels

The Citroën Berlingo van only comes with 14-inch steel wheels. The French carmaker does offer some alloy wheel upgrades for the Berlingo. But they aren’t anything to write home about. They are also quite expensive!

According to Mick from, you can upgrade to 17-inch alloy wheels. It is important that you choose alloy wheels with the right wheel offset. In case you aren’t aware, the offset is the distance between the back of the alloy and the true centre of the wheel.

If the alloy wheels you buy have the wrong offset, they could stick out too much. They could also catch on the wheel arches whenever you go over bumps on the road.


If you fit bigger wheels to the Citroën Berlingo, it will give it a 4x4 stance. If your intention is to make your Berlingo look like a 4x4, skip this section! But if you want to slam your Berlingo to the deck, you need to fit lowering springs and matching shock absorbers.

It’s not a job for the faint-hearted, so you will need to get your friendly local mechanic to fit them for you. I recommend lowering your Citroën Berlingo around 30mm. That way, you can still carry heavy loads at the back without the suspension “bottoming out.”

ECU remap

Most Berlingo vans will have a turbodiesel engine fitted as standard. The Citroën Berlingo will never be as fast or powerful as a Ferrari. But did you know that you can unlock some extra horsepower and even improve your fuel economy?

You can do this by getting your Berlingo’s ECU remapped. The ECU is the electronic brains that monitors and controls your van’s engine. These computer chips are pre-programmed by Citroën for specific power and fuel economy values.

By remapping your ECU, you can make your Berlingo feel more responsive on the road. The ECU gets remapped with a laptop and cable connected to your van’s diagnostic port.


A basic stereo system comes with the Berlingo as standard. If you are feeling underwhelmed by it, there are many upgrade options open to you.

For instance, you can replace the standard “head unit” with an improved CD or DVD player. Yes, you can get DVD players for cars, and they even come with touchscreen displays too!

Audio aficionados can even installed extra speakers and one or more subwoofers in the back too. The possibilities are limitless!

LED Lights

Check out the Berlingo Forum and see some of these modifications for yourself!

Do you have a modded Berlingo? If so, let us know what you have done to it!

Image source:  M93 / Flickr - Licensed for reuse under Creative Commons 2.0
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  1. All good advice but please be aware that if you get the ECU remapped this counts as a modification as far as insurance companies are concerned. You may find it hard to get insurance if you tell the insurance company. If you decide not to tell the insurance company and then be involved in a major accident they may check for remapping and refuse to pay out.

    1. Some great points to consider. Thanks for your comment.


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