Planning on Buying A Used Jaguar XF? Read This Handy Guide First!

The Jaguar XF has been on the luxury car scene since 2007. A replacement for the S-Type, the XF features bold new styling, and a plethora of technology and refinement. It is a multi award-winning car and is now a common sight in many countries around the world.

Designed by Ian Callum, the Jaguar XF bears little resemblance to its predecessor. In 2013, up to 50,000 Jaguar XF models sold around the world. As you might imagine, this car is pretty popular with motorists. If you are thinking of buying one, this handy guide will tell you what you need to know.

New or used?

The main question you need to ask yourself is whether you want to buy a brand new or used Jaguar XF. If you are not sure which option is right for you, check out the benefits to both below:
  • New models can have factory options installed to your exact specifications;
  • Used models are cheaper to buy than new ones;
  • New models will have the manufacturer’s warranty;
  • Used models can be just as reliable as new ones, if they have been well looked-after;
  • New models will feature the latest technology;
  • Used models are a good choice for private buyers.
If you want a brand new model, I recommend that you lease one from an official Jaguar dealer. Few people will keep a car for more than five years or so. And you avoid the big depreciation hit that all new cars suffer from during the first one to three years of their lives.

Are you planning to buy a used model? If it’s three or more years old, you could buy it outright with cash or on a hire purchase agreement.

After the new car depreciation hit, Jaguars tend to hold their value well. When it comes to selling your used Jaguar XF, you should be able to recoup most of the money that you paid for it.

Which one should you buy?

There are a few different trim levels offered on the Jaguar XF. Most models on the road have diesel engines, as the petrol equivalents are thirsty and expensive to run.

The best diesel Jaguar XF to buy is one with the 3.0-litre engine. The 2.7-litre one is just as good. But you should avoid the 2.2-litre as it can feel sluggish and noisy in comparison to the other two.

All trim levels have an array of features. The basic “Luxury” model comes with built-in satellite navigation and climate control as standard. Leather interior and parking sensors are also included.

Used model checklist

Are you planning on buying a used Jaguar XF? If so, make sure you are aware of the following common problems:
  • Sticking fuel filler flaps;
  • Sticking doors (during extremes of temperature);
  • Failing tyre pressure monitoring system, caused by corroded sensors;
  • Electrical problems in early models;
  • Premature wear on rear brake disc pads;
  • Faulty particulate filters on 3.0-litre diesel models. They are expensive to fix!
I hope you have enjoyed this handy buying guide for the Jaguar XF.
Image source: order_242 / Flickr - Licensed for reuse under Creative Commons 2.0
Planning on Buying A Used Jaguar XF? Read This Handy Guide First! Planning on Buying A Used Jaguar XF? Read This Handy Guide First! Reviewed by Hayley Reeve on Thursday, August 07, 2014 Rating: 5

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