4 Common Reasons For Failing Your Driving Test

There was a man in the news recently for failing his driving test 35 times. 35 times! It’s enough to kill your confidence, and make you give up trying. Learning to drive is a key skill that will open up your life forever. It gives you the freedom to explore, and grants you a little more independence. For young people, it’s one of their most important priorities.

But, let’s face it, the driving test is terrifying! The instructor is watching your every move. You’re doubting yourself, and questioning everything you think you know. Your mouth is dry. Your palms are sweating. And inevitably, the roads are full of idiots that seem destined to make sure you fail! Don’t worry, we’re here to make sure you pass first time. No-one should have to go through the test twice (let alone 35 times!) So, here are the most common reasons why people fail their test. Learn them, and avoid them. Don’t worry; soon you’ll be picking up the keys to your very own budget new car!

#1 Mirrors and signalling

We have to admit, examiners are especially harsh when it comes to this aspect of driving. The reason for this is that observation is so important on the road. Confidence and skill will come with time, and examiners will cut you some slack here. However, they need to know that your fundamental observation and signalling skills are perfect. It’s the foundation of good driving. So, don’t make any movement without first checking every mirror, and observing the road ahead. Put your signals on early and don’t make any irrational movements.

#2 The manoeuvres

During the exam, you’ll be asked to perform at least one manoeuvre. It could be the turn in the road, reversing around a corner, bay parking, parallel parking, or straight reverse. Making a mistake here incurs an instant ‘major’ point. Get just one and you fail. It’s crucial that you make it through the manoeuvres without a hiccup. Our only advice here is practice, practice, practice. Do them over and over again. Practice them in your sleep until you get it perfect.

#3 Lack of confidence

Nerves can overcome the best of drivers. The exam scenario is undeniably scary, and every driver will feel the pressure. It makes you second-guess your decisions, and question your instinct. You need to find a way to settle your nerves. A simple trick is taking chewing gum to keep your mouth from drying out. Simple, but effective. We also suggest taking an extra hour lesson before the test, just to settle into car. Use this time settle your nerves and build confidence.

#4 Failing to read road signs

Your examiners will purposely lead you down roads and routes that test drivers. They may even ask you to enter restricted areas or one-way streets to test your ability to read the road. It’s your job to read the signs and respond effectively. This is where an effective driving school is essential. Take the time to learn every aspect of the road, especially the signs. Don’t get caught out by sneaky examiner tricks!

Avoid these common problems, and you shouldn't have any problem passing first time! 

Image source: Lunabee / Flickr - Licensed for reuse under Creative Commons 2.0
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