5 Important Steps to Take If You Crash a Lease Vehicle

Unfortunately, accidents do happen. Road traffic accidents will often impact greatly on us. Our minds flood with questions and our bodies with adrenaline, causing increased levels of stress in a very short space of time. If you find yourself involved in a road accident in a lease vehicle, the best way to handle the situation is to remain calm, react quickly and follow these 5 important steps.

#1 Call the Police

Stop the vehicle you are driving immediately, it doesn’t matter if you think the incident is minor, failing to stop is an offence. Assess whether anyone involved is injured and then call the police and ambulance service if necessary. Car accidents should always be reported to the police within 24 hours, failure to report an accident is an offence. Call the police immediately if needed, so that they can help establish facts of the incident and so that you can get a police reference number.

#2 Exchange Details

Exchange personal details with the other person involved in the accident. You are legally obliged to supply your name and address at the very least in the event of a road traffic accident. However, providing and obtaining a telephone number, car insurance details and the car registration number, with a make and model may also help to expedite matters.

#3 Record Other Information

Record other information about the scene of the accident such as the time of day, the weather, quality of light, positions of vehicles involved and if there were any casualties. You should also make sure to record all damage to the vehicles. Your mobile phone camera for example, is an ideal tool for this.

#4 Call Your Insurance Company

You should call your car insurance company within 24 hours of the accident. Most insurance policies will have a time period stated within them for reporting an accident. Failing to inform your insurer within that timeframe may invalidate your policy. Your insurance company will want to know all of the details that you have collected regarding the driver of the other vehicle and your records regarding the accident. This is the time you will be thankful for having the clarity of mind to collect the information needed for the insurer.

#5 Call Your Leasing Company

Finally you should call your leasing company and explain details of the accident. When you lease a vehicle, you may be the registered keeper but the vehicle is owned by a finance company and should be handed back to the finance company once the vehicle lease is up. Your leasing company will need to know if the car is damaged or if it has been a write-off.

I asked Matt Cragg, company director of All Car Leasing how they handled lease vehicle crashes, his response was:
We’re always here to help and advise our customers wherever we can. However, a crashed lease vehicle is a job for the insurance and the finance companies – something that, unfortunately we cannot get involved in. Remember though, although we’re unable to help after the event, if you have any questions regarding a lease before you take out a contract, or at any time during your contract, you can always get in touch with our team.
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