5 Essential Pieces of Gear For First Time Motorcycle Owners

Safety should be your priority when getting out on the roads with a new motorbike for the first time. However, it never seems to work out like that. Once you get that feeling you need to get on your bike, it’s tempting to cut some corners. And, if you have passed your test, what could go wrong? The trick is to get your gear before you get your first bike. It’s that simple - and here are some of the things you will need to ensure your safety.

#1 Full-face helmet

Don’t think that you will get away with wearing a shorty for your first year or so of motorcycling. You still have a lot to learn - and you will fall off your bike. An open face helmet is going to lead to serious injury if you are even slightly unlucky, which is more than likely when you are just starting out. So, go for a proper defence with a full-face helmet - and don’t save on the cost. Cheap helmets are inexpensive for a reason - they are next to useless. A good helmet will save your life - so there’s just no contest in quality.

#2 Proper riding clothing

First of all, in your first year of riding, you are going to come off - perhaps, even, on many different occasions. In simple terms, it's going to hurt, and even the slightest graze on the knee can affect your biking technique. You need to be comfortable, and you need protection. Think about heavy duty Rukka Trousers or something similar to give you the protection you need. Also, get a heavy set leather jacket to protect your elbows and upper body. Again, it’s worth investing a little in something that looks great and feels perfect.

#3 Boots

Footwear is just as important as anything else you will wear. But, they are especially important if you are riding a fast bike rather than a cruiser. Sportbike riders should look for something lightweight and durable. There is a huge array of technology involved in riding boots these days. The trick is to find something that you feel comfortable with, so head down to your local bike store.

#4 Something for the rain

When you live in the UK, you have always got to be ready for rain. It’s just the way it is - and without protection, you will regret it. Leather isn’t the greatest material when it comes to water, so get something waterproof to ensure it stays dry. We know of bikers getting caught in thunderstorms miles from home, with no option other than to ride on. The added water in their leathers almost doubled their weight - so think carefully before skipping the kagool section in TK Maxx.

#5 Sunglasses

Finally, always have a good pair of shades. For a start, no biker worth their salt would go without. But, it’s also a much safer way of biking when the sun is out, and the roads are looking hazy. It only takes a stray reflection to hit your eye at the wrong angle, and you could be toast.

Image source: Flickr / Adam Kuśmierz
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  1. 5 Essential Pieces are really helpful for driving motor bike.Anbody gets missing any pieces he may fall in danger.Thankyou for shairing top post for driving.


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